Custody, Visitation, Alimony

For experienced and reliable Brevard County and Melbourne legal services for divorce, custody, time sharing and other Family Law matters, contact the Law office of Ric Woodward in Melbourne, FL. With only one good chance to put forth your case before the judge, you need to ensure that you have an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to guide you throughout the case and fight for your rights. Attorney Ric Woodward has represented many such cases throughout his career and is ready to take your case. Ric Woodward will present your case aggressively, professionally and diligently.

Dealing with emotional legal issues such as a family law case or a child support matter adds a lot of stress on people involved in the case. It is crucial to pick an attorney who is sensitive to your needs and concerns, but can also aggressively represent your rights. Ric Woodward has sensitively and aggressively represented clients with similar matters for over 2 ½ decades.

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He Handles a Number of Practice Areas Including:

  • Alimony Support
  • Child Support
  • Custody
  • Divorce
  • Family Law
  • Paternity
  • Property Distribution
  • Time Sharing

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“Attorney Woodward and his office were so professional and understanding of my child custody/time sharing legal matter…. Attorney Woodward's representation cost was fair…. Attorney Woodward was always prepared and I really appreciated that…. I live out of state and most correspondence had to be done via cellular and email.

Attorney Woodward and his office worked so hard and well that me living out of state never was an issue. … I am more than satisfied with Attorney Woodward's services and I WILL without a question give he and his office up as a good law office to any family or friends who ask.”   – M.O. 12/8/15

“Divorce is a very frightening thing. He is Honest, kind, personable and helpful, I have no worries while going through my divorce process with Mr. Woodward. He quick in his response to any concerns or questions and caring of the situation. Highly recommend attorney Eric William Woodward.”   – D.D. 7/1/15

“I'm normally not the type that would take the time to write a review for a company or someone, but I couldn't hesitate to do this after my experience with Ric Woodward. From the very beginning, of presenting my case to him and explaining what needed to be done, he immediately took action. Not only did he show concern and willingness, through the entire process, he always made sure that no matter what I requested, he did everything in the best interest of my son. I would extremely recommend Ric to any of my friends or family, or to anyone in need of a family law attorney. He will get the job done as quickly as possible and make sure everything is done in the best interest of everyone involved. I never had a problem getting a hold of him. I never disagreed with any of his actions on any matter. He has made a huge difference in my life and the relationship that I have with my son. I can't explain in words how grateful I am for having the opportunity of working with him.”   – E.S. 12/16/14