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Litigation is a scary thing… but KNOWLEDGE is POWER over fear! I provide knowledge, based on MORE THAN 28 YEARS of experience in family law matters, including divorce, time sharing, alimony and/or child support. My experience includes handling cases from beginning to end for hundreds of individuals that experienced problems just like YOURS.

Knowledge IS power over the unknown! How do I provide knowledge? I help you understand your rights and obligations in your Family Law matter in the following ways:


WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE ME? That is a difficult question with a very SIMPLE answer. You should choose me for the reasons stated in my DOZENS of FIVE-STAR reviews! Here are just a few of the most recent reviews:

  • January 30, 2020, Linda says: "My experience with attorney Ric Woodward has been a very positive one.. He is professional yet made me feel comfortable discussing my case.. He has been prompt in responding to my communications, he explained the legal process and answered my questions ..I am very pleased with the service I have received from Ric and would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal counsel ."

  • January 30, 2020: Megan says, "I was referred by a friend for my divorce & I’m very thankful for it! Ric handled everything very professionally & in a timely manner. He answered any question I had & gave me sound advice. He did not nickel & dime me & let me make the decisions & set the tone. There were a few other lawyers I consulted w/ & they wanted to destroy my ex. Not the route I wanted to take & they tried to scare me into being nasty. Come to find out...they just wanted $. I highly recommend his services!"

  • January 30, 2020: Kayla says, "Ric was wonderful! He was very knowledgeable of the family court system and the laws. He was understanding and supportive during a very difficult time. I felt that he was by my side and ready to defend and fight for me and my rights as a mother concerning the safety and well being of my children. I felt that he invested in us and our situation and we were not just a number. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a family law attorney!"

  • January 30, 2020, Tommy says, "I had some legal matters in the last year that Ric helped me resolve. He did an outstanding job as my legal consultant and the issues were resolved in a timely and efficient manner. He kept me up to date on all issues, timings and rulings and I appreciate his expertise and knowledge of the law. I will definitely use him again if the need should arise. Thank you Ric and team for all of your help. Sincerely Tom C"

  • January 30, 2020, Mel says: "I had a very long and contested divorce...Ric guided and represented me through some very tough litigation and hurdles. His advise and counsel is based in reality and knowledge of the system. You always have an idea of how you think things will go and sometimes reality "checks in" along the way...as your "soon to be ex" throws curveballs. If you're ready to get real and make it through a savage divorce, Ric is your guy. He was always responsive, prepared and knowledgeable. To all of you "first time-future divorcees" out there: divorce is a negotiation. I haven't met anybody yet who has gone through one that is 100% happy with the end results. Maybe you feel thought you should've gotten more of something or feel you left something on the table. My advice is to be flexible, don't sweat the small stuff and keep moving to the finish line. Everything's going to be alright with Ric!!"

  • "I am a Chinese woman , My English is not very good . Ric Woodward did a fantastic job handling my divorce case . He walked me through each step of the process and was always available to talk to me and provide expert advice . He was compassionate , friendly , and supportive , I highly recommend him !" – Hannah, posted on 7/27/19

  • "I had to hire an attorney after 29 years of marriage. I had never needed an attorney before this matter. I Was not sure what to expect. Ric was very straightforward upon meeting him for the first time. I felt comfortable with him. He walked me through the process, and explained everything thoroughly along the way. He was very attentive, and always responded to any, and all of my questions in a very timely manner. Often quicker than I would have expected. The end results could not have turned out better. (Thanks Ric ) God forbid, I ever need a family lawyer again, but if I did I would not hesitate to contact.... Ric Woodward attorney again !" – Kerry, posted on 6/26/19

  • "I was referred to Ric for my divorce case, and after talking to many, many attorneys, I felt most comfortable with Ric. He took the time look up my case and explain to me what was going on over the phone when I called, and was always very responsive when I called or emailed with any questions or issues. He walked me through all the steps and possibilities so I could make informed decisions, and in the end, I had a favorable outcome without having to go to trial. He gave my case personal attention and had a very reasonable retainer. I would use him again, and have referred friends." – Angie, posted on 11/19/18.

To see ALL of my reviews, follow this link: https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/32935-fl-eric-woodward-1296436/reviews.html

TAKE CONTROL of you Family Law case! TAKE CONTROL of your fear! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!