I had a very long and contested divorce…Ric guided and represented me through some very tough litigation and hurdles. His advise and counsel is based in reality and knowledge of the system. You always have an idea of how you think things will go and sometimes reality “checks in” along the way…as your “soon to be ex” throws curveballs. If you’re ready to get real and make it through a savage divorce, Ric is your guy. He was always responsive, prepared and knowledgeable. To all of you “first time-future divorcees” out there: divorce is a negotiation. I haven’t met anybody yet who has gone through one that is 100% happy with the end results. Maybe you feel thought you should’ve gotten more of something or feel you left something on the table. My advice is to be flexible, don’t sweat the small stuff and keep moving to the finish line. Everything’s going to be alright with Ric!